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Nursing Care

Our caring and supportive staff will assist with care while encouraging an appropriate level of independence. We approach each individual’s care in a holistic manner. We believe that recognizing the spiritual and emotional needs of our patients enhances physical healing. This approach enables our interdisciplinary team to develop a comprehensive plan of care that addresses each patient’s individual concerns. The interdisciplinary team is comprised of the following professionals:

  • Attending physician
  • Professional nursing staff
  • Social worker
  • Licensed physical, occupational and/or speech therapists
  • Registered dietitian

Holy Cross Rehabilitation and Nursing Center's personalized care programs are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual resident. We strive to restore each individual to a maximum level of independence. Each resident entering Holy Cross Rehabilitation and Nursing Center will require one or more of the following care levels:

Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled care encompasses intensive nursing and rehabilitation services and requires physicians' orders. Generally, residents receive skilled nursing care for one to three months before returning to their previous residence.

Comprehensive Nursing Care

Comprehensive care offers 24-hour nursing services to persons who require healthcare services above the level of room and board but not at the intensity of skilled nursing care.

Subacute Care

Subacute care meets the needs of individuals requiring complex nursing and/or intensive rehabilitation services. Generally, subacute care follows a hospital stay for a surgical procedure or treatment of an illness. Residents typically receive subacute care for a short period of time prior to returning to their homes.

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Nursing Care
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